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Wall Mount your TV?

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Before getting your TV wall mounted, here are some points to consider:

  • Where do you want it to be on the wall?

  • Mounting a TV on the wall means holes will be cut into that wall for cable access, and for mounting the bracket.

  • What is the wall construction and is it an internal or external wall? for example brick-veneer, solid stone, steel framed, clad, downstairs or single storey?

  • Is there a powerpoint on that wall?

  • Is there a TV outlet on that wall?

  • Height of TV on the wall. Sit in the chair and imagine looking at the TV from that position, now consider window glare, seat positioning, viewing angles and accessibility to using other devices with it. Consider floor viewing or standing or sitting.

  • What devices will need to be connected to the TV? for example DVD player, game console, USB access, Wifi/NBN access, amplifier/speakers. Now where will these devices also be situated in relation to the TV (cabinet below/to the side). It is preferred to have link cables to equipment hidden from view in the wall, and it is can be almost impossible to access the outlets on the back of the TV once it is mounted.

When we first arrive to wall mount a TV we will be discussing all of the above with you to ascertain the best course of action to achieve your desired affect. You will need to have the TV on site for us. Please be aware that in some cases we are not able to install it exactly where you like so please consider an alternative position just in case.

We always have two staff on site to securely lift the television, and we can also pick up your new TV from the local store, or we can meet the delivery at the site if you are unable to be there.

For a professional and local installation contact Coast Communications through our website at or on the phone number below.

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