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Broken TV?

Updated: May 3, 2022



  1. Is the power turned on at the powerpoint and the power plug firmly pushed in, to the wall outlet and the TV?

  2. Is there a power-saving device that needs to be activated?

  3. Is the TV antenna plugged in to the wall AND the TV firmly?

  4. Replace the batteries in the TV remote.

  5. Make sure sure the power supply for the amplifier (if you have one) is turned on, firmly plugged in to the powerpoint and the TV Antenna lead.

  6. Make sure you choose the "source" button on your TV remote and choose either DTV or HDMI (HDMI if your TV runs through your recorder or a separate TV box ).

Coast Communications don't fix TVs BUT we can fix the TV Antenna /cable / outlet and signal quality.

If your TV is broken there are several options -

  • Contact the place of purchase, it may be under warranty, or they can direct you to the nearest repairer of that brand, or they may offer your money back if it is a very recent purchase.

  • We have found a repairer in Strathalbyn called "Just Fix It" Phone 0459 234 948 or send him a message on his Facebook Page.

  • Dispose of the broken TV by taking to the local rubbish dump for free disposal in the recycling section.

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