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NBN Setup Across the Fleurieu Peninsula

If the NBN has been rolled out in your street and they approach you to find out if you would like them to connect it to your home, it will be a free installation if they install it now.  But if you do not allow them to install it to your home now it will be at your cost in the future.  


Coast Communications provide fast and efficient NBN setup across the Fleurieu Peninsula. From Victor Harbor to Goolwa, Port Elliot and beyond, we are the trusted name in installation throughout the region.







To check your Internet Speed type "speed test" in your internet browser and choose GO.  A good plan Australian speed test ranges from 20 to 40-50 mbps with NBN.  (One of the main factors that can affect your internet speed is at your Provider's end due to Type of package deal you choose - with different mbps speeds).


Victor Harbor and Port Elliot:

Fibre to the Home (FTTP):  They will install a junction box onto the outside of your building (explained in below documents) where your existing telephone cable comes to the house and you will still be able to use your existing telephone and ADSL service until you decide to use an NBN Provider which you will need to organise yourself.  The new Provider will then install the NTD equipment (with flashing lights) on the inside where you specify depending on the Providers recommendations.  



Goolwa - Middleton:

Fibre to the Node (FTTN):  They will use your existing cable from the street to install a modem at a designated existing Telephone Point in your home.  Your telephone will be plugged into the new modem.  They may be able to connect up all your telephones in the house to this modem, but if they cannot, we can do it for you at your cost.



Outside above areas:

Fixed Wireless Antenna:  Upon your request they will install an NBN Antenna outside the building (likely on roof) that will connect with the NBN Transmitter Tower in your area and install NTD equipment (flashing lights) inside the building which your new modem will plug into, and your telephone will plug into the modem.  We can connect up your existing telephones to the new NBN at your cost.

Satellite:  You will need to contact the NBN Co for further information.


If you decide later that you would like your modem moved somewhere else in the house we can do that for you at your cost, and we are trained/licensed to move the NBN equipment if you would prefer it somewhere else in the building.  We can also liven up your existing telephone lines in your home to work on the NBN service and connect your data outlets throughout your house.  You don't have to buy new phones or equipment!!!!


NBN to the Home, South Australia
What Type of NBN Will You Get?

Coast Communications are experts at installing NBN Ready cable into your premises, whether it is an office or your home, being built, renovation or existing.  We design a hub or simple system for all your technology requirements that is neat, easy to access and something that you can operate yourself.  And because we are based on the Fleurieu Peninsula you know that we are always nearby to call on for help.  


The right cable installed correctly is essential for the NBN to operate efficiently and we have been trained and are all licensed .  Too often we see a common mistake to save a few dollars, other trades who do not have Telecommunications License have installed the wrong cable or installed it incorrectly which will dramatically affect its operation and is very disappointing for the owner when things don't work after paying all that money only to have to pay it out all over again to get it fixed so it actually works.  


There are also other factors within the outer infrastructure communication network that we can detect and rectify and if it is found to be the outer infrastructure then that cost of getting us out to identify can be claimed back from your Provider because we are licensed Technicians to do so.


Don't put up with this!!!!!
Fix NBN cable
When you could have this ....
Neat NBN equipment
Or better still, a flush non-metal wifi compatible cabinet like this ......
NBN cabinet
Hide NBN equipment box
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