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Why does my TV say "No Signal"?

There are several issues that could be affecting your TV Signal:

The latest 'digital' TV transmitters emit a direct signal which the TV Antenna receives, so with digital if the signal received is weak or the Antenna is not receiving it efficiently the signal drops off suddenly, there is no fuzziness like the previous analogue signal.  Therefore it is important to make sure your antenna system is well maintained to receive the signal effectively.


Depending on your geographical location, you will need a digital UHF Antenna to receive the signal from the transmitter on Waitpinga Hill or Normanville, or a VHF Antenna to receive the signal from Mount Lofty.  The closer you are to the transmitter the stronger the signal, although now we need to take into consideration Mobile Phone Towers (4G particularly) as their signal uses a bandwidth very close to our TV signal in this area and can cause interference.

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Are you losing signal "Sometimes" e.g. only certain channels?

  • The antenna system may be affected by the recently erected Mobile Phone Towers.  We can install an effective filter for this.

  • The antenna system may not be "digital" and will need updating to accept the digital signal effectively.

  • The amplifier may not be shielded digital and not working effectively against the latest interferences which will need to be updated.

  • The antenna or parts of the system may be corroded by the seaside weather and will need replacing.

Have you completely lost signal?

  • The amplifier or the powerpack may be faulty or turned off or removed.

  • Are all your cords plugged in correctly?

  • The cable or outlet may  be damaged.

  • The TV Antenna or parts of the system may be damaged or  corroded and will need replacing.  Rust and corrosion stops conductivity of signal.

  • Is the local transmitter tower not working?  To find out if there is an outage in your area check the ACMA website by clicking HERE


In all cases we test with our equipment first and give an estimation on cost before any work is undertaken.





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