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Protect Yourself from Scammers

Tips on How to Stay Safe on your Phone and Internet

Ever get phone calls from unknown numbers where there is a long pause before they answer your “Hello” and then proceed to explain why they are calling you? Do not speak with them, HANG UP IMMEDIATELY.  They are ringing to get personal information from you and could be recording your voice for their future scamming use. 


NEVER say :

  • Yes

  • Your birthdate

  • Your credit card number

  • Your address

  • Confirm your telephone number


If you get a letter or email from one of those Companies,  never ring the number or click the link provided on the letter or email;  look up the contact details separately yourself.


Scammers also use Social Media to stalk their victims first to get birthdate,  name and phone number so make sure to keep these private anywhere,  only ‘Friend’ people you know on Social Media, and BLOCK your Profile in the Privacy Settings, and keep all your posts ‘Friends Only’ not public.  It is also very important that if you have a banking app on your mobile phone that your phone number is not published anywhere e.g. owning a business, have something for sale, on a Committee, on a website. #KeepItPrivate #RestrictYourFriends #DontBeFooled #ProtectYourselfOnline


If you need help setting up your technology hardware Coast Communications Fleurieu can help!

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