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Do you know someone who needs a Personal Care Alert Pendant?

Personal Safety Alert Pendant for people at risk

A monitored Personal Care Alert Pendant is for the person who has a high risk of ill health or accident and who are isolated for a period of time. 

In Australia there are several Organisations who supply 24hr monitored systems e.g. Safety Link, RAA etc.   If you are ineligible for rebates the following systems are available.

There are completely mobile personal alarms that use Mobile Phone system and can be used anywhere - livelife mobile  for approx $447 outright


Then there are self-monitored systems available that dial the phone numbers of neighbour or family member you choose who can check on you quickly, and  these are  based in the home and only cover the home area :

* CareAlert (A South Australian Company)  phones your nearest care assistant/family/neighbour (they also offer a monitored  service, rates are $25/month) for $389  covers 150m from the base station,  OR

 MediAlarm for $219 that covers 50m from the base stationBoth of these systems offer fall detect pendants and other accessories.  They also have a new watch, prices start from $529 outright, it can also be worn as a pendant Medi Alarm Watch - Medi Alarm. And covers you whereever you go (not just the house)

Please note prices are liable to change.

If you find a system that suits you, you will need to purchase it yourself then we can install it for you at an additional cost, includes us teaching you  how to use it and setting it up.  

We are experienced in a variety of these systems and can help set them up for you e.g. TV Antennas, CCTV, NBN modifications, Security systems and Wifi.

Phone us on 0407 607 888  or email us to find out more.




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