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Is your home or business in a Mobile Phone Blackspot?

Mobile Phone Repeater
Mobile Phone Booster System

Why can't you get Mobile Phone Signal?

If you cannot receive Mobile Reception in your geographical location, this is called a "Black Spot".  This is common in hilly terrain areas. 


Coast Communications  can organise a Site Test through Telco Antennas at a cost of $110, this will determine if your property can successfully access  your Providers' closest Mobile Phone Tower with the use of a Mobile Phone Smart Repeater System that would need to be installed by Coast Communications licensed technicians who supply and install the licensed equipment only if the test returns a successful reading

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It is very important that the equipment is licensed and installed within Australian Standards so it does not interfer with other Australian broadcasting signals (affecting neighbouring Providers and Government Signals).

In all cases an estimation of cost is provided first.

All equipment needs to  be paid for upon ordering as each order is specific to your exact property location and Provider.





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Applic for Mobile Repeater Test
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