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How to Choose the Best CCTV for YOU

Updated: May 3, 2022

There are alot of CCTV systems being sold out there.

We have had experience with many different brands and types of systems, and we know which type would suit your situation best. Save your time and money by doing it once, properly.

Coast Communications Fleurieu technicians are trained in Security System Installation Certificate 2 and know the best methods of installing equipment to outsmart intruders which is less likely to be accessed by intruders.

With every system we supply and install "Operating Manuals" are provided AND local backup support is always available.

Questions we will ask:

  1. Are you a business or residential?

  2. What distance do you expect to view e.g. 5 metres or 25 metres? The megapixel of your camera and the lens type will dictate this.

  3. What functions do you need your camera to do? All cameras have motion detection/push notifications, but do you want to hear and speak through them, do you need them to sound an alarm, do you need the camera to focus on distant items.

  4. How far away from the central Recorder do you want to mount the cameras e.g. 5 metres or 25 metres? Length of connecting cable is restricted with off the shelf DIY packs dependant on type of cable being used and also the balun connectors on existing fixed lengths, will determine if the cable can be extended, or not.

  5. Where will you install the Recorder? In a secured room with a dedicated monitor that cannot be accessed by intruders, or in an area easily accessed by anyone using the TV as the monitor.

  6. Do you want to view and operate the system from your mobile phone/s? If so it will need to be connected directly into your modem, this may required additional cabling.

  7. Do you want to be able to operate the system yourself? We supply operating instructions and provide local backup support. At installation we set up the camera to perform actions you need. In most cases with "off the shelf" DIY systems, there are no operating manuals or backup support, minimal actions available and minimal if any product warranty.

  8. Do you want product warranty? CCTV systems supplied and installed by Coast Communications Fleurieu have a product warranty which will be determined by which system you purchase, from 1 year to 5 years, and continual local support. "Off the shelf" DIY CCTV systems will usually only have 1 year product warranty max, and minimal operational support online only.

Give us a call on 0407 607 888 or send us an email at for a free no obligation quote.

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