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Protect your Home over the Holidays

Home Security Options

TIP # 1 Don't Leave your Keys Outside

The cheapest option would be to install a combination locked keysafe, although they are not immune to thieves and are susceptible to becoming inaccessible due to vandalism, wear damage or environmental corrosion. Also motion sensor outdoor lighting is a great deterrent.

Another option is to have a Door Intercom that is linked to an App on your mobile phone. It has an inbuilt camera and when someone presses your doorbell you can see and speak with the person through your mobile phone, you can take a still photo of them, and you can let them in remotely.

A CCTV System can be operated remotely with an App on your Mobile phone. All recordings triggered by motion sensor are recorded on the 3 Terabyte recorder. You can view the vision at any time remotely on your mobile phone. The above Door Intercom can be incorporated into this type of system.

A Security System can be installed that allows you to remotely lock and unlock sections of a property. When unlawful entry is attempted this triggers a siren and/or alert your monitored security company OR can just phone the owner. All of the above can be added to this system for the ideal complete security system.

All the security products installed by Coast Communications Fleurieu are backed up with Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee , ongoing local help and upgrades by our own Technicians. If you are interested in anything you see here, please call 0407 607 888.

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03 de mai. de 2022

CCTV and alarms can secure your apartment even when you are not at home and if you don't have one then contact a locksmith and get it installed soon.

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