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Don't Touch that NBN Box

Updated: May 3, 2022

Only Licensed Telecommunication Technicians are Authorised to modify your NBN Equipment because:

Optic Fibre is in fact very dangerous to the untrained. Optic Fibre is a microscopically thin glass tube that is housed in layers of various types of fibre to protect it. As this glass tube is so thin, all it takes is a tiny fragment of optic fibre to break or flick off and penetrate your skin or eye, then it can travel through your body to any of your vital organs and lodge there, making it only able to be removed by a medical practitioner who has the specialised microscopic equipment to locate it.

Optic Fibre for Licensed Technicians Only

DO NOT look into the end of an optic fibre that is still connected to a working service because the laser that travels through the glass tube has been known to burn the back of the retina (eye ball) leaving permanent black spots, and also causing total blindness.

Technicians who cut into or deal with broken Optic Fibre have strict Work Health & Safety guidelines, equipment and insurance to handle it.

Beware! NBN is NOT DIY!!!

Coast Communications are locals to the Fleurieu Peninsula and are licensed, insured and authorised to modify your NBN cabling, add extra data outlets and connect your existing telephone cabling to the NBN. Just give us a call on 0407 607 888 to book in now.

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